MRWRP Mid-Term Review Mission Completed...

Mid-Term Review Mission for the Murat River Watershed Rehabilitation Project (MRWRP), implemented by the General Directorate of Forestry and financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), has been conducted from 25 September to 5 October 2017.

Mid-Term Review Mission started with the opening meeting on 25 September with the participation of Head of Afforestation Department and Central Focus Point İbrahim Yüzer, Elazığ Regional Director of Forestry and Field Operations Unit Director Ziya Polat, Deputy Regional Director and Field Manager Halim Özdemir, Planning and Evaluation Branch Manager and OGM Responsible of the Project M. Metin Avşaroğlu, Head of the Watershed Rehabilitation Department of the General Directorate of the Desertification and Erosion Control and Head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Kürşat Yıldırım, Project Provincial Teams from Elazig-Muş-Bingöl, and relevant staff from the Regional and Provincial Directorate from the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs; and Mission Team Leader Abdelmagid Slama, Country Program Officer Lenyara Fundukova, Natural Resources Specialist Youssef Brahimi, Gender and Targeting Specialist Stefania Gnoato, Infrastructure Specialist Michele Pirazzoli and Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Mohamed El Ghazaly from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

During the field visit on Tuesday, negotiations were held with the villagers benefiting from the project, and forestry and soil conservation activities, village bakeries built under the project, fountains, greenhouses and fruit gardens were visited on site.


On Wednesday, a meeting was held in the Elazığ Regional Directorate of Forestry with the mukhtars and beneficiaries from Mus province, and opinions were exchanged with them.

On Thursday, the project investments were visited in Bingöl province on site with the participation of Turkey Country Program Manager Dina Saleh and Programme Associate Isabelle Stordeur. Detailed information has been obtained about the project investments such as forestry and soil conservation activities, orchard, barn rehabilitation, household insulation, solar energy panels, and negotiations were held with the beneficiaries.

On Friday, the field applications were evaluated and necessary preparations were carried out to prepare a roadmap for the rest of the Project period with the wrap-up meeting in Elazığ.

Financial evaluation and review of the procurement documents of the Project started in Ankara on Monday (02.10.2017) with the participation of IFAD Finance Specialist Aziz Al-Athwari and Procurement Specialist Franklin Ibemessie. On Tuesday and Wednesday, financial evaluation and document review continued in more detail.

On 05.10.2017 Thursday, Final Wrap-up Meeting was held in the General Directorate of Forestry with the participation of Deputy General Director and Project Manager Yusuf Şahin. The findings and recommendations of the IFAD Mission, the next implementation process, and what needs to be done in order to continue the successful implementation of the project have been addressed at this meeting.

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