Karakütük MC Plan


Karakütük Micro-catchment (MC), which is located in Muş province, includes Karakütük, Böğürdelen, Otaç, Koçköy, Yukarıüçdam, Aşağıüçdam, Umurca and Sarıbahçe villages in Hasköy district. The altitude of the micro-catchment changes between 1280 and 2000 meters.
The average altitude is 1500 meter, the annual average rainfall is 778 mm and annual average temperature is 15,8 °C. It is observed that Karakütük MC has a rugged topography in general. It is determined that 45% of the catchment has 20-40% of slope. Moreover, only 53% of the MC area is available for agricultural activities (the slope is between 0-20 %).

Climate Features
Annual rainfall of the catchment is 778,1 mm, the annual average temperature is 15,8 °C. According to this data, vegetation of the catchment is in the Humid Forest Zone.

Geological Conditions and Soil Structure
In general, the geological structure of the catchment is composed of metamorphic bedrock. It has been determined that the soil on the metamorphic rock has generally deep structure, sandy, loamy textured, without drainage problem, lime-free, near-neutral pH level soil.


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