Lediz MC Plan


Lediz Micro-Catchment, which is located in the province of Bingöl and the district of Genç includes Sürekli, Ardıçdibi, Şehittepe, Dereköy, Balgöze, Yiğitbaşı Villages starting at the immediate exit of Genç district, and also includes Keklikdere Village Parçançkomu, Koyuncu Hamlets and Meşedalı Village Mutluca Hamlets. The watershed elevation ranges from 1,020 m up to 2,370 meters. The average elevation is 1500 m, annual average rainfall is 831 mm, the number of days with snow is 117 and the number of snow-capped days is 76.

Climate Features
"Rainfall Effectiveness Index" developed by Erinç and based on the proportioning of the amount of rainfall to average high-temperature in determining the climate feature of Lediz Micro-catchment. For this purpose, the type of climate and vegetation of the basin have been determined by using the meteorological data (annual rainfall and average maximum temperature values) obtained between 1980-2012 for the district of Genç where Lediz basin is located.

Geological Condition and Soil Structure
The geological structure of the basin, in general, has a structure composed of metamorphic bedrock. It has been determined that the soils developed on these bedrocks do not have drainage problem having a deep structure in general, and texture with sandy loam and sandy clay; but they have a lime-free, near-neutral pH feature.


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